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  • Counseling for New Parents

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    Bringing a new life into the world brings radical adjustments for all concerned. Every parent is called upon to adjust their sense of self, their expectations for enjoyment and rest, on top of couple relationships going through what might be called a death and rebirth.  In addition, parents often feel they are under a new and public form of scrutiny that adds stress to an already radical adjustment.

    For new moms, it can be upsetting and frightening not to have the “right” feelings about motherhood.  Sometimes post-partum therapy can involve referrals for medication, but also exploration of one’s own family history, fears and expectations, and often long-standing needs that don’t go away when a new baby arrives.

    As our children grow, they can continue to trigger various issues and touch wounds of our own – sometimes wounds we didn’t know were there.  Then we can find ourselves reacting in ways we don’t want to.

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